What would you think of an airline pilot who taxied out for takeoff without a process and system for the operation of the aircraft; that he or she just improvised. How would you feel if you were onboard this plane? Scary thought.

Shouldn’t you feel that way about any profession? Accountants have systems for audits, lawyers have systems for creating contracts, financial planners have systems for developing investment strategies and surgeons have a process for operations.  Most professionals have some kind of system in their professional practice. Systems insure efficiency and a consistent level of competency. If these type of professionals have a system for what they do – why should it be different for the professional salesperson or business owner with sales responsibility?

Sales top the list of importance in the success and survivability of small business. To be successful at selling you need a system, a process for selling that insures you do the right things in a precise way, every time you meet with a prospect. A selling system is a strategy and skillset that ensures your business optimizes every sales interaction with your prospects.